Motor paintball Exclusive package

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motor paintball


Day with full of action with loads of bullets!

Just a perfect combination of a perfect day! First spend a pleasant active day with you friends in fresh air in an old abandoned military base by playing motor paintball with 500 bullets each player. That is plenty for all of you to have a nice battle! We will pick your group up from the hotel in the agreed time and take you back after the game.


Motor paintball Exclusive package – 55€ per person

Package includes:
– transfers from the hotel and back
– instructor
– safety equipment (overalls, helmets, gloves)
– drinks (beer, water)
– 500 paintballs each
– cars (you will drive yourselves)
– Night Club tickets for the evening entertainment for the whole group


Evening entertainment in one popular night club!

Let the evening continue in the most popular night club, pick the one you like to most!

We have 3 different night club options where you can go:

– Venus Club
– Vabank Club
– Club Hollywood


You will get free entrance to one of those clubs you choose for the whole group!


Are you ready to spend a spectacular day and night with your friends?

Our motor paintball Exclusive package is what you need to acomplish that! We guarantee the best memories from the day!