Motor paintball

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The most popular stag activities to do in Tallinn is motor paintball!

Motor paintball (known also as drive-by paintball, motorised paintball, moto paintball, car paintball) is one of the most memorable, original and fun events available in Eastern Europa. Using cars gives paintball an extra dimension and many more opportunities for different battle scenarios. You can use the cars as tanks, as cover or ambush and drive by shooting etc. We have different vehicles: cars ,vans, convertable cars, Russian army military trucks etc. In winter it is very cool to drive snowy and slippery roads. The stag gets his own stag hunting round. 

We guarantee that you will have a chance to play in Tallinn’s best paintball area that has a revealing history and is also the best area in Estonia. Otherwise you can find yourself from a boring field under a pile of tires.

Avoid cheap copies of motor paintball, because from us it all got started over 12 years ago by adding cars to paintball game. We know what quality a good motor paintball event should have!

Price: 40€ per person

Price includes:

– transfers from the hotel and back
– instructor
– safety equipment (overalls, helmets, gloves)

– drinks (beer, water)
– 200 paintballs each*
– cars (you will drive yourselves)

* You can buy extra paintballs at venue. One bag (500 pcs) costs 20€

* NB! Minimum group size 8 persons. If there is less then you should just pay the price of 8.

* No time limit! You can play as long as the group has energy to play.


Special offer!


You will get extra 200 bullets for each player + double round beers for each player!

Additional information

We recommend to take a relaxing sauna after the paintball game! Read more.


Motor paintball area

This activity takes place in an old Soviet military base that has history that is over 100 years old. There are trenches and blindaž systems that have remained very good and originate from I World War. Later when Estonia was in Russian’ s influence there were based semi missile division, where have remained nuclear missile resistant facilities and different buildings, that give lots of opportunities to perform different paintball battle scenarios. This experience gives you a filing like you were in „Cold war days“.


motor paintball tallinn

Pictures about the Soviet military base and nowadays paintball area you can find from our Facebook page. Click here!


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