Motor paintball

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The most popular stag activities to do in Tallinn is motor paintball!

Motor paintball (known also as drive-by paintball, motorised paintball, moto paintball, car paintball) is one of the most memorable, original and fun events available in Eastern Europa. Using cars gives paintball an extra dimension and many more opportunities for different battle scenarios. You can use the cars as tanks, as cover or ambush and drive by shooting etc. We have different vehicles: cars ,vans, convertable cars, Russian army military trucks etc. In winter it is very cool to drive snowy and slippery roads. motor paintball tallinn

The stag gets his own stag hunting round. motor paintball tallinn

We guarantee that you will have a chance to play in Tallinn’s best paintball area that has a revealing history and is also the best area in Estonia. Otherwise you can find yourself from a boring field under a pile of tires. motor paintball tallinn

Avoid cheap copies of motor paintball, because from us it all got started over 15 years ago by adding cars to paintball game. We know what quality a good motor paintball event should have! motor



Without transfers

35€ per person

Price includes:

200 paintballs each
- instructor
- safety equipment (overalls, helmets, gloves)
- drinks (beer, water)
- cars (you will drive yourselves)



40€ per person

Price includes:

transfers from the hotel and back
200 paintballs each
- instructor
- safety equipment (overalls, helmets, gloves)
- drinks (beer, water)
- cars (you will drive yourselves)


55€ per person

Double action, bullets & beer!

85 € to 105 per person

* You can buy extra paintballs at venue. One bag (500 pcs) costs 15€

* Duration: Approximately it will take 2 hours to play all scenarios.

NEW! Groups under 5 persons: open day motor paintball session!

Groups under 5 persons now have chance to play motor paintball together with other smaller groups. Games will happen only when there is at least 8 registered people but there is no uper limit. So if you are planning to spend some fun time in Tallinn and what to try our motor paintball this is perfect oportunity.

When: Every Saturday

Time: pick up at 10.00 in front of Viru Hotel

Cost: 40€ per person, includes:

- transfers from Viru hotel and back
- 200 bullets + marker*
- overalls, gloves, mask
- English instructor
- cars for the game
- beer, water

If you need extra bullets then we can open a bag (15€ 500 bullets) just for you or togeter with other people, thats just an agreement issue.


All our groups can get free night club tickets for different night clubs in Tallinn! The options are Vabank Club (VIP tickets), Teater Club (VIP tickets), Venus ClubHollywood Club (except special events)

If you want some more info, which club to choose or table reservation then here you can find the info & pricelist of different night club tables. This we can also help you to organise.


If you are interested in strip club visit, then we can arrange this too! The stag gets free lap dance and others can also enjoy the show while having a coctail in the same time.

Additional information

 We recommend to take a relaxing sauna after the paintball game!

We can organize some lunch for you. Look and choose from pizza menu!


Motor paintball Tallinn area

This activity takes place in an old Soviet military base that has history that is over 100 years old. There are trenches and blindaž systems that have remained very good and originate from I World War. Later when Estonia was in Russian’ s influence there were based semi missile division, where have remained nuclear missile resistant facilities and different buildings, that give lots of opportunities to perform different paintball battle scenarios. This experience gives you a filing like you were in „Cold war days“. motor paintball tallinn

motor paintball tallinn

Pictures about the Soviet military base and nowadays paintball area you can find from our Facebook page 



motor paintball tallinn

This is the best paintball I have ever done! It is the way paintball should be played, with amazing terrain, great game types and loads of bullets.

I did the paint ball and shooting package. We went to the shooting range first and shot a range of guns from AK47s to Desert Eagles. Then we went on to paint ball. It was located at an old military base.

If you are going to Estonia for a Stag do or lads weekend lock it in you wont regret it!

- David S / 4.10.2017 -

motor paintball tallinn

Motorized paintball was awesome. Old military base was great place to play.

Pick-up and drop-off from Tallinn worked great.

Highly recommend.

- Pauli K / 13.08.2017 -

motor paintball tallinn

I cannot rate the experience of motorised paintballing highly enough. Achtung Entertainment met our 12 strong stag party at our hotel and we were driven about 25 min out of Tallinn to former military base where we met Jane & Kirstjan who run the events. After a short health & safety brief it was straight into the action. The site itself offers so much more variety then any paintball site that I have visited in the UK. Plenty of hard cover, guard towers and dilapidated vehicles for added realism. The paintball guns, masks and overalls all seemed fairly new and well maintained. We had the use of a minibus and an estate car to drive around whilst attempting to shoot at one another which added a very interesting dimension to the games. Achtung Entertainment also threw in a case of cold beer for us to sip at the end of the action which went down extremely well with our party.

Anyone considering a Stag weekend in Tallinn, Estonia should without doubt book this activity!

- David M / 11.07, 2017 -

motor paintball tallinn

What an absolute experience! Both Jane and Kristjan know what they are doing. We were a group of 13 guys celebrating a stag do and their activities were top notch. We negotiated our package with them and they were very accommodating and flexible.

If you are looking for a weekend packed with different activities then dont look at anything else but these guys.

Thank you to Jane and Kristjan.

Jorge and squad.

- Jorge S / 7.04.2017 -

motor paintball tallinn

Cannot recommend this company highly enough. As a stag party of 7, we choOse to do the motor paintball session and then the demolition derby. Now I know this review is long but I simply cannot condense it more covey just how good this company are.

Motor paintball has to be experienced. Kristjan had suggestions for different games and tailored them exactly to our requests. We ended up playing 5 different games, 2 of which involved an attacking team driving around in 2 old Mercedes to reclaim a flag from the defending team's bunker. What is not to love?

The demolition derby was also incredible and for a small group like ours, it initially seemed to be quite expensive but it was worth every penny. You basically got to do whatever you want until the cars could no longer be repaired. Kristjan's team were amazing though and with their constant repairs, it took a couple of hours to completely destroy our vehicles beyond repair. We ramped one for a jump and even rolled it onto its roof with the stag and best man inside. These are just regular old cars and I honestly do not know if you can do anything like this anywhere else. Absolutely top fun!

It wasn't just the activities though, Achtung's customer service was also second to none. Kristjan responded quickly and positively to all inquiries we had. Their commitment to giving the customer exactly what they want was faultless. For example, we had to cancel our planned activities due to unforeseen circumstances which must have been inconvenient for Achtung, especially as it was only 30 mins or so before we were to be picked up by them. They helped us resolve our problem and without any penalties, rescheduled everything to ensure our stag weekend was a complete success.

They also provided water and beer constantly throughout the day and then dropped us off back at our accommodation afterwards.

Just a great bunch of guys.

- TheBEdoubleG / 18.06.2016 -

motor paintball tallinn

Customer contact: Since the first e-mail I sent to, I had tremendous service from Kristjan, the guy who runs the place with his colleagues. He replied to all my questions usually within a few hours, and had always a positive tone in his e-mails. I really felt that he was warmly welcoming us to play, and that he’s going to make everything to make us enjoy.

Service with can-do-attitude: These guys and girls have really thought about how to make things easy for customers. They picked us up from the hotel with a large, clean van at the time we had agreed – we didn’t have to worry about how to get there and how much would taxis cost, as the transportation from Tallinn was included in the price.

As we went to Tallinn to have a bachelor party, our schedule was pretty tight and thus I asked beforehand if they could provide us with lunch. “Of course” was the answer, and after the paintball they had prepared a BBQ-lunch with drinks for us.

Furthermore, as our next stop was a bit outside of the Tallinn downtown, I asked for transportation to the next place instead of our hotel – this one was a “of course”-thing, too.

Facilities: The place is an old military base with concrete bunkers, moats, ruins and roads, as well as forest and meadows – a very diverse and fascinating surroundings for paintball. There are various scenarios and games you can play in the area. The cars are actually a very nice add-on to the normal paintball, as you can develop more diverse tactics, such as roadblocks and ambushes. All the equipment – the guns, overalls, masks, gloves, ammunition – were very good quality and well-functioning. Kristjan even cleaned our masks after every game with anti-fog detergent.

Guidance: Kristjan advised us very well all the way from the general safety principles to the recommended tactics in the games. He also suggested different kind of scenarios we were able to choose from.

Bottom line: Extremely fun and well organized paintball. I can highly recommend this to anyone looking for activities in Tallinn. Kristjan is a very nice and customer-oriented guy, who makes everything run smoothly!

- Tuure V / 8.07.2016 -

motor paintball tallinn

Amazingly fun and unique experience. Loved every minute. Would recommend to anyone! Hosts were very good and generous.

- Rudi S / 25.04.2016 -

motor paintball tallinn

Just incredible. Picked up from our apartment in a minivan and driven to the forest. Allowed to smash cars into one another and just generally cause mayhem as a group. We did the demolition derby and then got to fire a paintball assault rifle at one another. Kristjan who runs it is a great man. For something which could be quite dangerous he actually has a pretty good idea of how not to get seriously hurt, and I would recommend to anyone who wants a rush of adrenaline which you definitely won't get at home.

- Roy R / 25.04.2016 -

motor paintball tallinn

By far the most fun I have ever had paintballing! They let the attacking team drive around in old cars with riot shields - is fun as it sounds. Was very easy to organise and they came and picked us up straight from our hostel and had beers ready for us when we got there. We were going through a full gun of paint balls each game and it only cost us and additional 10 euros as well. Overall great fun and good guys running it.

- Tomas B / 25.04.2016 -

motor paintball tallinn

One heck of a lot of fun. The guys and I had a blast and our hosts were more than generous in offering us transportation to and from hotel and providing drinks during our paintball war. Highly recommend.

- A Lindy / 30.09.2015 -

motor paintball tallinn

A few of us guys were looking for something fun to do in Tallinn and we stumbled upon this motor paintball. We got picked up downtown in a sweet jaloppy that was clearly made for drinking, partying and kidnapping. Once we got to the paintball site (some old soviet base), we got our own sweet van that was right out of a twisted metal video game. We had free reign to get rowdy and light each other up as long as we wanted. There were plenty of different styles of games and we got enough welts and bruises that we stayed entertained for a while.

Definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something fun to do! Bonus points to the company for having beers/water waiting for us there too! Thanks again!

- Kenny, P., 15.07.2015 -