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As you have already chosen our cool activities for your stag weekend then you should definitely continue your night in the same volume by choosing the epic Tallinn bar crawl from us.

We know that organizing a Stag Do is way more than just booking a stripper. So we give an opportunity to sit back and relax because with us, you are in good hands. You don´t have to worry that you will be ripped off in a bar, because if you choose to go on your own into bar crawl, you will be paying twice as much. tallinn bar crawl

A female professional party guide will take you for a drunken night out in the Old Town. Expect the most popular bars, Strippers and a Night Club for an awesome night out that you will probably not remember. She will ensure you get into the best places in town and maybe even smooth things over with angry locals if your mate pulls someone's sister. On our Stag crawl we will take you to variety of different bars and clubs to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. tallinn bar crawl

Price: 35 €  per person

Price includes:
- visit to 4 bars, 1 night club
- 1 free beer or cider in 1st bar

- 1 shots in each bar (total 4 shots)
- free entrance to night club
- unlimited visits to strip club with wrist band

- Local private party guide
- Epic challenges
- Exclusive drink deals
- Meeting point of your choice

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