Tallinn nightlife

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But when you don´t have time to work through all these keywords to find the best solution for you and still looking info about Tallinn nightlife, pubs, bars, strip clubs, restaurants or other food places, then the easiest solution is take the Epic bar crawl . You will get a local professional guide, who knows Tallinn nightlife and every place in Tallinn Old Town. She considers your wishes and preferences when she is planning the evening. She has a very good overview about the events in Tallinn clubs and takes you the best ones. You will have the first priority in entrances. In the bar crawl you can be sure that with the local guide nobody tries to defraud you.

In the next day the guide will come with you to a motor paintball game or demolition derby activity.

NB! Tallinn nightlife is focused into the Old Town and most of the bars and clubs are in a few minutes walk from each other. You don´t have to call and wait for taxis!