Demolition derby

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Demolition derby is the best activity to ever do in Tallinn!

If you want to do something totally crazy and extreme for your stag do, then demolition derby is the right choice for you. This activity is all over full of adrenaline and we can not imagine anyone who will not be satisfied after this experience! You don´t need driving licence to do demoltion derby! But when you don´t want to drive yourself, you are always welcome to be a passenger.


Price: 300 € one car

- transfers from the hotel and back
- English instructor
- safety instructions
- hire of the track
- helmets
- beer, water

NB! Minimum 4 cars in demolition derby + we will add ONE EXTRA CAR from our side!

How many cars should you take depending from group size?

One car for every 3 persons.


All our groups can get free night club tickets for different night clubs in Tallinn! The options are Vabank Club (VIP tickets), Teater Club (VIP tickets), Venus ClubHollywood Club (except special events)

If you want some more info, which club to choose or table reservation then here you can find the info & pricelist of different night club tables. This we can also help you to organise.


If you are interested in strip club visit, then we can arrange this too! The stag gets free lap dance and others can also enjoy the show while having a coctail in the same time.

Demolition derby & tank crushing the cars after

Demoltion derby

Order T-34 tank to crush the cars after the derby!

Add more value to your event! We can arrange a T34 tank to the area to crush all the demoliton derby cars after the race!

Price: 1100 €

Includes: transfers of the tank to the area, driver and car crushing

How is the demolition derby built up?

There are many rounds. All people can drive by changing the drivers. They can take also co-drivers. There is no time limit. It also depends how mad are you with the cars. There is also fixing team who will help to bring the cars "alive" again  if it is possible. Simple mistakes (changing wheels etc.) will be corrected, but we can not make the miracles, change the gear box etc.

First round you will drive as long as most of the cars are not capeable of moving, then there will be fixing brake about 10 minutes, after that you can change the drivers and passengers and the race can go on! The cars will be smashed as long as they last and can not be fixed any more. Activity duration will be usually approximately 2-3 hours depending from the amount of cars. After the demolition derby the cars will go the final destruction. They will be not used twice.

You will not be disappointed! We are the best in destructing cars. We have over 15 years of experience, how to prepare the cars for the race and hold them „alive“ as long as possible.

Why is demolition derby more expensive then other activities?

Because old cars cost money in Estonia. Cars that are still capeable of moving and are mechanically in good condition start from 250 €.  We make this just for fun and don´t earn much from it. But as you should consider one car per 3 persons then it will be 100 € per person and we promise that this money is worth it!

There haven’t been any serious accidents so far, because we know how to avoid them. 

One good example which a right stag do should look like you can find from our Facebook album