Demolition derby

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Demolition derby is the best activity to ever do in Tallinn!

If you want to do something totally crazy and extreme for your stag do, then demolition derby is the right choice for you. This activity is all over full of adrenalin and we can not imagine anyone who will not be satisfied after this experience.

There are many rounds. All people can drive by changing the drivers. They can take also co-drivers. There is no time limit. It also depends how mad are you with the cars. There is also fixing team who will help to bring the cars “alive” again  if it is possible. But usually 2-4 hours. The cars will be smashed as long as they last. Simple mistakes (changing wheels etc.) will be corrected by the mechanics. After the demolition derby the cars will go the final destruction. They will be not used twice.

You will not be disappointed! We are the best in destructing cars. We have over 15 years of experience, how to prepare the cars for the race and hold them „alive“ as long as possible. We make this just for fun because if to take account the prices of the old cars we don´t earn much from it. There haven’t been any serious accidents so far, because we know how to avoid them. 

Price: 300 € one car

– transport from the hotel and back
– English instructor
– safety instructions
– hire of the track
– helmets
– beer, water


NB! Minimum 4 cars in demolition derby. 

How many cars should you take depending from group size? One car for every 3 persons.

One good example which a right stag do should look like you can find from our Facebook album