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The Ultimate Tallinn Stag Evening

Looking for some crazy Tallinn stag night ideas? We work with AfterDark for one simple reason, THEY ARE THE ONLY COMPANY that have created a totally awesome evening/night activity for stags. There is nothing like it on the market! Trust us, if you plan to party like there is no tomorrow, then this is a MUST do for your Tallinn stag night!

They have an insane evening planned for you with tons of things included. So if you really want to party on your Tallinn stag night and, have a proper bachelor party the way it should be done, then check them out!

Not only do you get to party in your own private club, they take you on the craziest VIP PARTY CRAWL known to man! NB: You can ONLY select the crawl if you book their Main Event!




They are a fixed price event so the bigger the group, the cheaper it gets per person! The groom get a mugshot picture, you all get t-shirts, they feed you and give you plenty to drink etc and they have awesome entertainment during the Tallinn stag night. If you book them you don’t have to worry what you will do in the stag evening as they cover everything and then some!

Not everybody know how to plan the stag night and for some groups this is a real issue. With AfterDark you don’t need to worry about a thing, they have all the dares, pranks and everything else sorted out. No need to visit bars, clubs or strip clubs separately, they cover all that in their Main Event and VIP Party Crawl!

Their event is hosted by their sexy AfterDark girls and there is tons of things included as food, drinks, beers, special shows, lap dances, crazy shot games with their custom shot wheel and more.

They make sure all the guys are taken care of, but of course, the groom gets some extra perks as, cool gifts, an unlimited amount of free beers, an awesome mugshot picture, a private dance and so on.

tallinn stag night



They even include a BONUS, a chance for 1 of every 5 group that book them to win a fully paid ROMANTIC GETAWAY NIGHT with a 3 course dinner for the groom and bride! How awesome is that?!

They have a custom built shot wheel where all the shots they do interacts with the AfterDark girls but be warned it's not your normal type of shots...

To make things even more interesting, they have a shot section called “Surprise”, what that is we will not tell you but every time you land there you pick your own destiny by selecting one out of 10 cards...

Every person that do a shot gets a shot pin badge.

tallinn stag night


- 2 AfterDark girls
- Show for the groom
- Private dance for the groom
- AfterDark girls show
- Lap dance for all the guys
- Gifts for the groom
- Pole dancing shows
- Delicious sandwiches
- Tea, coffee & juice
- 1 welcome drink for each person
- Unlimited beer for the groom
- Awesome t-shirts for all
- 2 rounds of beers for the guys
- 6 spins on the shot wheel, where all shots interact with the Tqila girls
- Shot pin badges with each shot
- Private club (yes, the whole club is yours)
- Bar with a professional bartender
- A mugshot picture of the groom
- Taxi from photo studio to club


- AfterDark guided party crawl
- 2-3 bars
- Welcome shots in each bar
- Bag of delicious sandwiches, if you are hungry during the crawl, they feed you!
- 1 beer each
- Drinking games
- Dares and forfeits
- Karaoke
- VIP table in nightclub (bottle service included)*
- VIP table in 2 strip clubs
- 1 private dance in strip club
- 1 bottle of Champagne in each strip club**
- Surprises


*Private VIP entrance, escort to table and your choice of 1L of strong alcohol, either Gin, Vodka, Rum etc and 2L of mixers

**Total of 2 bottles of Champagne are included in the crawl

After you have had an adrenline full and active day with motor paintball or demoltion derby you should defenitely have an ultimate Tallinn stag night and that is what Afterdark's programme will offer you!