Tallinn Specialist Shooting

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Tallinn Specialist Shooting Package includes 6 different fire arms, that have been the favorites of KGB, Hollywood, spies and mafia.


65 EUR per shooter 
(Stag group from 6 persons. When there is less persons, then you just have to pay the price of 6)

Special bonus: The stag will have free shots with full magazine from AK-47 and 1 free shot from Magnum (hand cannon).


Price includes:

• 6 guns
• Safety and instruction
• Event will last 1 to 1,5 hours depending on group size
• Transfers from the hotel and back (one direction 20 min)
• English speaking guide and instructor


Package includes:

tallinn shooting clubRuger 22/45 pistol with a silencer
Used by special units for silent operations. Practically no firing sound!
Rounds: 5

tallinn shooting club

SigSauer SP2022 pistol
The world-renowned 9 mm pistol with a laser sight. You shoot where the red dot is. The gun has a polymer frame and is used as the law enforcement service weapon in many countries.
Rounds: 10

tallinn shooting club

Revolver .357 Magnum
Magnum means ‘great’ in Latin. This revolver is known from the film ‘Police Academy’ as the revolver of cadet Eugene Tackleberry.
Rounds: 5

tallinn shooting club

Desert Eagle .50 pistol
The world’s most powerful pistol the appearance of which speaks for itself. Empty weight 2 kg, muzzle flash 1,5 metres. A mandatory part of every mafia film!
Rounds: 1

tallinn shooting club

AK-47 (Kalashnikov)
This legendary semi-automatic assault rifle needs no further introduction. Excellent for anger therapy!
Rounds: 5

tallinn shooting club

Tactical (short) pump-action shotgun
The gun has been given the endearing nickname ‘Mr Roomcleaner’, which means that it is efficient in close combat when clearing spaces (streets). Also known from the Terminator films.
Rounds: 5

You have an opportunity to choose morable price from Tallinn shooting club.