Ice karting

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Ice karting  stag activities – imagine go karts drifting on ice or snow! A perfect combination of a leisurely winter drive. 

To drive on icy lake and beneath it is 20 meters of water. Ice karting is available only when there is a proper weather and it is possible to use/make an ice road.  When your booked event is in these times when the ice is insecure because of the weather conditions then we can replace your event with indoor karting. First 5 minutes on ice can be a little bit scary! We recommend to order BBQ on ice!

Price: 69 eur/per person

Price includes:
* Transfers from the hotel and back
* English speaking instructor
* helmets
* carts and carting road

NB! Minimum 8 people should be group size. If there are less people, then you should just pay the price of 8 persons.

The race will be as Grand Prix and includes:
– Warm up race
– Time race
– Final race

Duration depends from group size (8 persons take 1 hour).