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Indoor Drifting is a brand new activity that is available from 2019 July in Tallinn. This activity can be done only in 4 countries in Europa. Now you have a chance to try this new unique drifting experience in Tallinn. Indoor drifting is suitable for everybody who are celebrating stag party or are looking just some fun things to do in Tallinn while their stay.

What is a drifting bike?

– bike with electrical engine
– front-wheel driving system, 3 wheels
– speed up to 50 km/h
– drifting option
– exhaust free
– engine noise free 0 db
– suitable driving for people from 140cm long


55€ per person


– transfers from the hotel to the activity and back
– 3 x 10 minutes drifting
– helmet, gloves, instuctions

Minimum group size from 8 persons, if you are less people you should pay the price of 8 but you will get to drift also for 8 people (8×3 drifts).

Drifting track


1st 10 minutes you get to know the bike and try to practice the driving style.
2nd 10 minutes you already enjoy the drifting.
3rd 10 minutes you want to compete with your friends who has the best drifting skills.

Activity total duration depends from group size.


When can I book?

Indoor drifting is available all year round, because this activity is held in 1500 m² indoor track. Open from Monday to Sunday 12.00 pm – 22.00 p.m. Drifting Center is located 20 minutes drive from city center, transfers are included to the price.

Please fill the booking form.