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Part of a good bachelor party should defenitley be a sauna. We offer our saunas to our events, that you can enyoy after paintball, motor paintball or demoliotion derbysauna tallinnassa


GAZ-66 with steam room and relaxing room. The steam room fits 4 persons, but in a good will even more. In summer time its also possible to use the relaxing room as seam room, you just have to open the steam room door and close the main door, then its like a bigger steam room, where fits up to 10 people total.

For a bigger company we have a trailer sauna ZIL. This is big like a club house and there will be room for 20 sauna-fanatics. The steam is calm but very long.

There is not much luxury, washing will be in a bowl.


- 200 litres of cold water and 120 litres of hot water.
- bowl and scoop

NO towels and shampoo! You have to bring them your own.

Pricelist Sauna tallinnassa

- 100€ / 2 hours minimum (included: water, heating and woods)

Indoor sauna

In winter time there is an indoor sauna. Steam room fits approximately 8-10 persons. There is a big pool (5x10m) where you can jump in after the hot sauna. Also a jaquzzi and a rest room with sofas. All together there fits approximately 30 persons.


Price list:

- 100 € / 2 hours minimum

Included: sauna complex & transfers to the sauna from the activity and back to the city after the sauna.

NO towels and shampoo, you should bring your own!


Indoor sauna is open from Octomber to May, closed in summer time (June-September).



Sauna bus is a unique mobile sauna, where in addition to the sauna experience you can enjoy some quality time in a comfortable salon with tables. Sauna bus fits 16 people total.

You can order sauna bus into our activity to enjoy a relaxing sauna after some motor paintball or demoltion derby and then let it take you back to the hotel afterwards. There is also a chance to drive to some other location with it, for example next to some lake etc.


Price list:

350€ / 3 hours minimum  (every next hour 80€).

- driving = 1 km = 1 €



- steam room, that fits up to 8 people
- front froom, where to change clothes
- shower with warm water and toilet
- relaxing room with 4 tables and 16 seats
- TV


Available all year round!

Food and drinks are allowed. We can also arrange snacks for 150€ suitable for 8 persons (look at picture).