Special Offer – motor paintball + shooting

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We have put togeter an awesome stag do packages and special offer for those groups who would like to have 2 stunning activities in one day! First some gun shooting in Tallinn´s biggest shooting range and after that we carry on with the motor paintball in the old Soviet military base.

stag party package

1. Choose from the following shooting packages:

1) Tallinn Shooting Basic Experience45 eur pp

2) Tallinn Cold War Shooting package55 eur pp

3) Tallinn Specialist Shooting package65 eur pp

NB! There are extra bonuses for the stag!

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2. Motor paintball (price 45 eur per person). Price includes:

– transfers from the hotel and back
– English instructor
– safety equipment (overalls, helmets, gloves)
– 2 drinks
– 200+200 paintballs each*
– cars (you will drive yourselves)

You will get extra 200 bullets for each player + 2 drinks for each player! stag do packages

An example:

You have a group of 12 persons.

You take Cold War Shooting Package + Motor paintball, price is 100 eur per person and total 1200 euros.

You will get 12 x 200 = 2400 extra free bullets plus and 2 drinks for each player!

(There will be almost 125 euros savings if you regulary should buy the extra bullets!)