Motor paintball & demolition derby

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Adding both motor paintball and demolition derby to your stag weekend, birthday or team building event will defenitely give you the maximum adrenaline power in your stay in Tallinn!

In motor paintball you still need to drive carefully and not crash the cars but in demolition derby you can do what ever you want with the cars!

What does it include?

Price: 225€ per person

Price includes:

- transfers from the hotel to the activities and back (30 + 30 minutes, they are at the same area)

- 200+200 bullets in motor paintball
- 2 hours play, different game scenarios
- 2 drinks , water
- overall, gloves, mask
- English instructor
- cars for the game (you will drive yourselves)

- cars prepared for demolition derby (total amount will be according to group size)
- English instructor
- safety instructions
- hire of the track
- helmets
- 2 drinks , water
- total duration depends from the group size and car amount but approximately 2 hours

Motor paintball

what to do in tallinn

Using cars gives paintball game a full new aspect! We have the best and diverse paintball field in Tallinn - an old Soviet missle base. There are bunkers, 700 meter trench system line that goes through-out the whole play area. Also different kind of vehicle wrecks - BTR, GAZ-71, PAZ bus, tram, ladas etc - that will be used in different game types.

We use small cars, mini vans, SWAT-van, Ural - depengind from group size and weather conditions.

Demolition derby

what to do in tallinn

Put your helmet on, sit inside of the car, fasten your seat belt and the demolition derby can begin! You will be driving around small circle and can ram your friends who are inside of the other cars! This activity will be not dangerous because the speed will not be fast. There will be many rounds and all people can drive 2-3 times after changing the drivers after each fixing break.  Or you can be a passenger and film the whole action! You can get the maximum as we have the best mechanics who keep the cars alive as long as possible. Smash them until the end!

what do do in tallinn

Additional information

Minium group size from 8 persons in motor paintball.

Minimum cars amount 3 cars ( enough for 9 persons or less).

Extra paintball bullets cost (500-bag) 20.


Maximum group size is 100 persons and we can divide the group into 2 and rotate between activities. This option is suitable with very big corporate events. Ask more info.