Motor paintball & Indoor drifting

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Combine these 2 cool activities and spend a great day with your friends or collegues.

First we take you to indoor drifting center where you can test your skills with drifting on a 3-wheel electrical drifting bike.

After this we will continue with our most popular activity motor paintball in an old Soviet missile base with different missions.

What does it include?

Price: 130€ per person

Price includes:

- transfers from the hotel to the activities and back (30+30+30 minutes)

- 200+200 bullets in motor paintball
- 2 hours play, different game scenarios
- 2 drinks , water
- overall, gloves, mask
- English instructor
- cars for the game (you will drive yourselves)

– 3 x 10 minutes drifting each
– helmet, gloves, instuctions

- total duration depends from the group size

In-door drifting

what to do in tallinn

Indoor Drifting is a brand new activity that is available from 2019 July in Tallinn. This activity can be done only in 4 countries in Europa. Now you have a chance to try this new unique drifting experience in Tallinn.

Indoor drif bike is with electrical engine, front-wheel driving system, 3 wheels, speed up to 50 km/h, with drifting option, exhaust and engine noise free.

what do do in tallinn

Motor paintball

what to do in tallinn

Using cars gives paintball game a full new aspect! We have the best and diverse paintball field in Tallinn - an old Soviet missle base. There are bunkers, 700 meter trench system line that goes through-out the whole play area. Also different kind of vehicle wrecks - BTR, GAZ-71, PAZ bus, tram, ladas etc - that will be used in different game types.

We use small cars, mini vans, SWAT-van, Ural - depengind from group size and weather conditions.

Additional information

Minium group size is 8 persons in both activities!

Extra paintball bullets cost (500-bag) 20€.